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About Us

Applied Angle brings expertise with simplicity.


We listen and probe to understand your opportunities or challenges and constraints.

We shape effective approaches that will deliver the outcomes and governance you need.


Then we work with you and your people to deliver the results and build capability for the next opportunity.


We are not interested in building relationships based on dependency.  Life is too short.

Performance Embedded.


Our objective is to understand, improve and embed performance. 

To do this, practices, systems and thinking need to be developed, owned and maintained from within.

You will notice our best work in your people when we are not there.

Meet our team, below.  Contact us and we will listen and probe to work out how we can help.

Let's help people do good work.

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Andie Hallihan

Sean Talbot

Andie brings expertise and experience in performance improvement and complex projects in challenging technical, business and social environments. 

He thrives in driving understanding what affects performance, supporting stakeholders through uncertainty, and delivering improvement whilst developing culture and engagement.  He is skilled in managing risk, contracts and governance.

Andie is never happier than when he is supporting the development of others, encouraging them forward and building capabilities for future challenges.


An electronic engineer, he holds an MBA and PhD from Cranfield, where he is a Visiting Fellow.

Sean brings expertise and experience in performance improvement in demanding environments that need tangible change on the bottom line results. 


Delivering the detail of lean and operational excellence approaches, Sean has delivered improvement across sectors including automotive, food and drink, healthcare and the BBC.


Sean is always looking to develop people, and greatly enjoys getting others delivering new techniques and practices for them to take on in further projects and improvements.


Starting as a multi-skilled apprentice in the Ford Motor Company, he has since gained his BSc in manufacturing engineering and is a lean six sigma black belt.

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Bio Pic Jit Patel 190217_edited.png

Steve Broadhurst

Jit Patel

Steve has over 20 years of business management, lean, operational excellence, project management and continuous improvement experience across a wide range of single and multi-site, international, national and regional organisations ranging from manufacturing to the BBC.

He is an accomplished leader and coach who, by supporting and working through and with people, drives positive change to achieve exceptional results. 

His typical focus is designing and delivering best practices and innovations that achieve ongoing cost saving and reliability improvement.


A proud time-served aerospace engineer, he holds an MBA and, following diligent persistence, is awaiting the award of his DBA.

Jit has extensive experience in leading tailor-made procurement, sourcing and negotiation solutions for complex client problems.  He develops creative and pragmatic strategies that deliver stakeholders' needs and are resilient in terms of risk and change management. 

He specialises in delivering long-term commercial value, especially for greenfield, unusual and difficult categories and projects.  Supplier identification, evaluation and development are key components of his skills base.

Jit will coach and lead your people first hand through professional approaches to procurement, building the capability of your team to identify, engage and manage potential suppliers.

Jit gained a BEng from UCL and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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