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Case Studies

We listen and challenge to understand what really matters in the objectives, risks, constraints, resources and governance.

We bring our expertise and experience to co-develop and deliver the best approach that gets the outcomes needed - and to grow your future capability to repeat and extend across your company.  We aim to understand, improve and embed.

With our thanks to Clients, here are some cases and quotes.

Costa Coffee - New Roastery

Applied Angle was responsible for the overall delivery of Costa Coffee's global roastery - capable of roasting and packing 45,000t of Mocha Italia a year.

This complex project engaged 21 workstreams covering a wide range of stakeholders from investors and the Board, operations and supply chain, IT, safety, CSR, legal and local authorities.  Including agreeing the facility concept and finding the land, design and construction of a custom building, specifying and contracting for the supply and commissioning of the specialist equipment, and transferring operations from the previous location - the project was delivered on schedule and under budget.

This first-of-a-kind business critical facility supports growth for the next twenty years.  It met and exceeded all project requirements - such as becoming the first industrial processing plant to be rated BREEAM Outstanding to the latest 2014 standard.

BoW Baltic 3 2012 (38)_edited.jpg
I would say . . . .

"Applied Angle is our partner of choice to assist us in a number of our most important projects.  The projects start with, "This is important and we need to find the right solution".  They listen and challenge and can sort what is really important from the rest.  They have driven us to get the data, to check, to hunt down risks - ultimately building detailed knowledge across the project team - with a short list of well-informed options going to the Board.  As a management team we have been encouraged to go slower, and we end up going faster, better and together."


Karen Marshall

Managing Director, Bridge of Weir Leather

L3 TRL Technology.png
L3 TRL - Innovation & Surge Production

The very urgent need to deliver newly developed products would push disruption and cost into manufacturing processes, and often result in late delivery. 


Applied Angle worked to create a model-line fed by a new product introduction process.  The project team focused on waste, unevenness and overburden driving one-piece flow, standard work, root cause problem solving and kanban systems.  22 versions of standard operations were worked through in 15 days as learning was identified and cascaded.

TRL was able to triple the volume of product produced and increase on-time delivery from 50% to 95%.  The second generation line quintupled output.  Our best work is done when we are not there!

political interview
I would say . . . .



"I would say the fact that we are here after all these years

is entirely down to the support and guidance

you have given us."

Brian Dale

Managing Director, Technicolor

Cadbury logo.png
Cadbury Bournville - Efficiency

Cadbury asked Applied Angle to devise and deliver savings in the robot palletising and dispatch operations which handle most of the products produced at the iconic factory. 

Working with the 24/7 operation, root cause problem solving progressively stabilised the operation as a combination of improved maintenance and operating ways of working lifted efficiency and resilience. 

Pallets stacked and dispatched per person increased by 66%.  In addition, the improved reliability of palletising reduced upstream line stoppages thereby increasing efficiency across the wider site employing 1,800 people.

political interview
I would say . . . .

"Applied Angle worked as a trusted part of the team that fitted in with and strengthened our organisation and way of working.  Given complex challenges, they brought together the different stakeholders to find and agree the best approach to deliver and manage risk.  They have more than delivered the results we needed - supporting growth, improving quality and delivering a very large first-of-kind project."

Giorgio Fioravanti

Production Director, Costa Coffee

Siemens logo.jpg
Siemens - Lean Leadership & Change

A proud culture extending to the origins of the steam turbine together with people with long service meant accepting and adopting new ways of working was not easy at Siemens Power.


Applied Angle trained and coached the leadership team through a range of improvement projects.  With deep understanding of learning styles, conflict handling and communication we worked with teams and individuals to reduce setup times, streamline administration, introduce 5S, improve right-first-time levels, and increase on time delivery. 


The result was an organisation that gained greater responsiveness and higher efficiency - and a belief they would continue to improve and develop.

Scottish Leather Group-BOW RAP HIRES-010
I would say . . . .


"Working with Applied Angle helped identify the information we needed and the right questions to get that information.  Working together, we brought everything into a clear and robust approach, always focusing, challenging and guiding in on the objectives.  We went from a complex problem with countless different answers to a clear outcome that had evidence and diligence.  The end result is confidence in the process and the decision - and already knowing what to do when the challenge changes."


Philipp Scherer

Global Development Manager, Bridge of Weir Leather

NHS Croydon logo.png
Mayday Hospital - Service & Outcomes

Working with a range of clinical and operational teams Applied Angle led service improvement teams to reduce delays for surgical patients and improve theatre efficiency.

The Sterile Services & Theatres replenishment process was mapped then re-engineered with a multi-disciplinary team.  The team introduced visual control, FIFO, and alignment of working hours.  This improved the flow of instrument sets and reduced turnaround time from 2.5 days to 7 hours. 

The effect was to prevent cancelled operations which eliminated the need for costly additional theatre lists run on Saturdays.  Fire-fighting was reduced along with the perception the departments were under-staffed.  

Siemens logo.jpg
I would say . . . .



"What you have done is simplify and explained it.

You speak English. 

You have made it very clear and very simple."

Steve Roberts

Sales Director, Siemens Power

Delphi Diesel logo.png
Delphi - Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

At the forefront of adopting lean working and precision grinding technology since the 1980's Delphi regularly found they knew more than the outside "specialists". 


Applied Angle trained and coached the supervisors, team leaders, operations teams and apprentices through a range of improvement projects needed to keep Delphi moving forward.  Driven by data, the teams improved process stability and reliability, setup times and flow, and right-first-time levels. 


The teams gained more eyes and minds focused on seeing and learning to improve performance, with project after project after project each saving tens of thousands of pounds.

L3 TRL Technology.png
I would say . . . .



"Team leaders from other parts of the Company who were originally

against the change have been asking when their areas will be developed.

How's that for a change!"

Tim G

Production Director, L3 TRL Technology

Marshall Aerospace logo.png
Defence - Problem Solving & Efficiency

The MRO facility required complex approval and logistics processes that were inclined to drive delay and cost across the aircraft hangars.

Applied Angle trained and coached the operational leadership team and operations teams through a series of improvement projects.  The teams followed an approach of define, measure, analyse, improve and control. 

Collecting data, de-prioritising areas to re-deploy resources to other areas, solving problems instead of symptoms, testing, rolling out across multiple locations, and ongoing monitoring improved ways of working and reduced delays.  Service delivery improved at lower cost.

NHS East Lancashire Hospitals logo.png
East Lancs Hospitals - Service & Outcomes

Working with a range of clinical and operational teams Applied Angle led service improvement teams to improve outcomes. 


Radiology reporting was mapped then re-engineered.  Handovers were improved and FIFO introduced.  Reporting time was reduced by 70%, improving outcomes and pathways drawing on the diagnostic. 


Fractured neck of femur and trauma surgery pathway was mapped.  The A&E care standards were improved with diagnostic authorisation accelerated.  Theatre productivity was increased by 25% with reception processes, resulting in getting an extra patient through each list.  

Work In Progress

Our current work includes:

. . . increasing margins by 2% improving efficiency in an international luxury goods firm

. . . doubling capacity with a large new facility project for a supplier to major retailers

. . . supporting the introduction of a new medical device in the shortest timescales

. . . developing a new director to understand and strengthen a senior leadership team 

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