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Our Services

Our background is working with uncertainty, ambiguity, drift, under-performance and tension.

We work with you to bring clarity, vision, drive, accountability, purpose and progress.

Project Management

We assure clear definition and effective delivery of the most important Project that will underpin the future performance of your Company.

We bring expert resource, effective processes, clear governance and experienced risk management.  This gives you the confidence and opportunity to stand back from the noise, and work with us to steer towards the best outcome for your Company - and build future capability in your people.

Applied Angle has led the creation of major new facilities and introduced new ways of working in existing facilities.  We have re-structured organisations post-acquisition, and introduced new business systems.  Our clients include a wide range of FTSE100, FTSE250, AIM-listed, Private Equity and privately-owned companies.

Performance Improvement

We identify the key gaps in performance then bring stability to processes and improve efficiency and consistency of outcomes.

We bring genuinely rare and deep expertise in best practice operational excellence and innovation methods.  Working with you, we will agree what moves the needle, then progressively build the processes, teams, and infrastructure to deliver great outcomes.  90% of best practice seems like common sense in the rear view mirror.  Our approach is based on improving flow and capacity - understanding why work does not progress smoothly and right-first-time every time.  Boring is good.  Boring gives you the confidence you can deliver more, faster and better.

Applied Angle has improved efficiency, consistency, resilience, responsiveness and time-to-market in new and mature organisations and processes across manufacturing, food and drink, technology, healthcare and financial services sectors.


We understand and develop the skills and behaviour in you and your people that are needed to assure day-to-day operations and high-stakes projects.

We bring experience of the effect of conflict handling, learning, teamworking, consensus, ambiguity, prioritisation, and decision taking for individuals, within and between teams, and up and down organisations.  We seek to embed skills and behaviour development in our project management and performance improvement work.

Applied Angle has developed many individuals, teams, and wider organisations where Clients describe themselves as traditional, perhaps entrenched or change-averse to where they identify as creative or innovative.  We work from Board to duckboard and in between. 


We challenge, evidence and determine the best value deal with expert understanding of capacity, growth, risk and cost.

We bring the deep experience and expertise to scrutinise and challenge the processes, products, people and infrastructure of a Company at speed so we can confirm, refute or improve the business case espoused in management information cases. 

Applied Angle has supported acquisition, sale and integration of companies for Private Equity, finance providers, and AIM-listed companies.

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